What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is about learning, communicating, growing and nurturing. Lead Dev communicates industry best practices, techniques and the tools your team needs to apply, through engaging interactions.

How does it all work?

Our goal is to improve transparency and communication within your organisation. As everyone learns, barriers are removed, work is more enjoyable and more efficient.

For Founders:

If you're overwhelmed with jargon, gain a better understanding of development concepts and processes. Lead Dev can mentor you to understand development and technology decisions proposed by your developers and mentor you in presenting technical information to stakeholders or investors.

For Developers:

Learn to implement industry best practices to improve your development process. Understand and implement automated testing, continuous integration, sprint planning, estimation, grooming and much more. Improve communication between product managers and founders to ensure a more enjoyable efficient environment.

Key mentoring subjects


Plan, groom and run sprints to benefit your development style.

Continuous Integration

Automate procedures to improve efficiency and quality.


Improve your tech knowledge and transparency surrounding key concerns and decisions.


Implement a company wide planning regime to increase success.


Ensure you're using the right tech stack for your project.


Understand how new practices can improve your project, reduce size and enhance scalability.

Quality Assurance

Understand advanced techniques to improve quality across the project.


Understand why UI/UX is vitally important. Learn how to run a design sprint.

Why? What are the benefits?

Attract great talent

60% of university and graduate students listed mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer.

Increase engagement & retention

Effective mentoring boosts retention rates 69% for mentors and 72% for mentees in a mentoring program.

Develop your leaders

Managerial productivity increases by 88% with mentoring and training, versus 24% with training alone.

Promote diversity & inclusion

Minorities who advance furthest share one characteristic: a strong network of mentors and corporate sponsors.

How do you measure success?

Monthly reports

Receive in depth reports on the progress, status and achievements, targets and areas of improvement.

Sprint analytics

Notice improved performance during sprints as tasks are completed. Obtain a richer, more granular understanding of the status of your project.

Improved transparency

You will notice improved transparency across the board as stakeholders gain greater knowledge into processes that underpin your start-up.


See an improvement in code quality combined with greater time spend developing functionality and less time squashing bugs.

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