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Most Australian companies prioritise culture fit above experience. When a candidate's accomplishments can level a playing field, your personality can tip the balance in your favour.

To land your desired role in IT, you may need to grow your confidence and learn how to articulate your knowledge in a way that promotes your best attributes. In short, you need to sell yourself.

If you have not been successful, 'Lead Dev' can help prepare and coach you for a more successful outcome.

Learn vital tips and techniques

Learn how to appear more confident on camera and in person, receive personalised tips and coaching to perform better during the interview process, how to respond to unexpected questions and deliver your experience in a confident, friendly manner.

Land your next role

Lead Dev has helped many clients transition into roles they thought were unattainable, and we can help you. Our service is perfect for graduates and professionals looking to improve their interview skills. Book an appointment now.

Are you looking to work in one of these IT fields?

  • Software Enginnering

  • Continuous Integration

  • Business Analyst

  • Delivery

  • Testing

  • Product Owner

Your session will include tailored advice and help, covering these topics and more

  • Communicating software development techniques & architectures

  • Articulating your experience

  • Culture and language

  • Improving your on camera and in person confidence

  • Answering unexpected questions

What are my clients saying?


Product Management Intern

Jumping into a new career and industry is a daunting experience. Especially when you have no prior experience.
Lead Dev took the time to understand who I was as a person and boosted my confidence in the whole process. Allowing me to focus on the interview at hand which resulted me into landing my first role in tech.
I have since graduated from the internship program into a full time associate Product Manager


Business Analyst

At the end 2021, Wayne coached me when I was looking for a Business Analyst role and I would definitely recommend the service to anyone who is looking for IT relevant positions or preparing for interviews. Wayne has been working in the technology industry for dozen years and experienced with various development languages and methodologies. He is always patient and warm-hearted in helping young people to be flourished in their career. Be prepared and be confident, you will be rewarded in your job seeking!


Technology Consultant / Business Analyst

Wayne from Lead Dev helped when it came to bringing out my personality during interviews. I have experience within IT across several roles; however, being interviewed by large organisations required coaching to ensure I presented myself in a way that best told the story of who I was and my capabilities.

David Phi

Software Engineer iOS developer

At the end of 2020, I had a hard time landing my first job after graduating from university. Wayne was my mentor, and he has helped me boost my confidence and improve my skills in the interview. Wayne taught me how to answer technical questions, what organisations were looking for with code challenges, and general behavioural questions often asked in Tech companies in Australia. After his coaching, I successfully landed a Software Engineer role, and I love to recommend Wayne to anyone struggling to find an IT job.

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